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About Us
With the intention
of being the very best, ART has always strived for continuous
improvement by reviewing methodologies and procedures to maximize the recoveries of our customer’s materials.
The Business Plan
  • The owners of Aluminum Recovery Technologies
    whose corporate headquarters are based in Detroit, MI, recognized the need for a reputable, high-quality-oriented aluminum recycler and reclaimer. Kendallville, Indiana, about 25 miles northwest of Fort Wayne, was eventually chosen for Aluminum Recovery Technologies (ART) to be located. In April, 1999 the doors were opened and the dream of this new endeavor began.

  • Reputable
  • Responsible
  • High-Quality
  • Leaders in the Industry

  • Now, after many years of servicing the industry
    we have established ourselves as the premier processing professionals for customers all across North America. Our services include drying and melting all different grades of aluminum products. ART goes to great lengths to segregate and protect customer’s materials from cross contamination and natures elements. Integrity of the product is accomplished by the use of concrete bunkers all of which are enclosed within our facility.

One key principle
on which ART was founded upon is that we are not in the business of competing with our customers. ART maintains a direct processing only relationship with their customers. Our business always has been and always will remain as a toll processor!

  • Direct Processing

Service Quick-Tip
We are a toll processor. We sell Furnace and Dryer time ONLY.
  • Drying
  • Melting



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